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Fitness boxing is an effective form of exercise suitable for women, men and young people of all ages who would like to do intensive and fun exercise with boxing techniques. There is no competing in fitness boxing, but you can burn calories, defeat neck and shoulder pain as well as stress with the help of the punchbag and a pair of gloves.


Fitness boxing is a physical sport which developed in the 1980s from competitive boxing. The match training was then left out completely and more focus was given to training with a punchbag and in pairs.

After the Finnish Boxing Federation launched a new teaching programme for fitness boxing instructors in 1992, the number of practitioners increased significantly. The rise of fitness boxing enthusiasts rose also because of the positive interest of media towards this form of exercise.

At first, fitness boxing was practised mostly in boxing clubs but within a decade this hobby spread to the private gym clubs, sports schools and different sports groups. The teaching programmes for instructors organised in sports schools made this sport even more popular.

Finland is a pioneer in fitness boxing and a leading country in the world when comparing the number of practitioners to the population. Current amount of fitness boxing enthusiasts is over 20 000. The spread of this sport has been dependent for a long time on the positive reaction of boxing clubs towards this discipline as a hobby.

Perhaps the greatest charm of this sport is its versatility and effectiveness. Fitness boxing training enables you to improve your muscle mass and nerve system as well as maintain a healthy cardiovascular system. Technical requirements used in the training process are crucial in order to make training a pleasant experience. Intensive and changing training along with challenging technique help to forget about daily struggles. Boxing has long been considered a great way to unleash inner aggression in a controlled manner.

Apart from match training, the training process for fitness boxing is similar to the one used in competition. A training session always includes a total-body warm-up, which is crucial to prepare the whole body for the upcoming exercises. The main part of the training aims at technique practising in pairs, practising with equipment and other exercises common for fitness boxing. Training session always ends with a cool-down period.

Fitness boxing offers not only fitness training and motor learning but also gives an opportunity to social contacts. Many exercises are done in pairs. You can alternatively train with a punchbag. The healthy environment in our training gym also has a positive impact on your wellbeing.


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Fitness boxing is suitable for women and men of all ages as well as young people as a combat sport and fitness training.


There is no basic course for this sport in our Academy. You can join our training sessions whenever. The basics of fitness boxing are taught step by step.


Outfit for indoor training, barefoot (or soft-soled shoes for indoor or boxing training). Please bring your own gloves if possible. We also have gloves in our gym for borrowing.


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