Krav Maga, Thai Boxing/Kickboxing, Ladythai, MMA, BJJ, Submission Wrestling

Bulk discount contracts
8 months: 79 EUR/month
14 months: 69 EUR/month
24 months: 64 EUR/month

A bulk discount contract gives you the right to participate in advanced courses in the types
of combat sports, in which you have gone through the basic course either in our Academy or
somewhere else. If you want to participate in the advanced course of kickboxing, Thai
boxing or Ladythai, a passed basic course in one of those disciplines is enough to train in all
three sports. You can also join fitness boxing classes and train on your own during our
working hours.

The contract must be signed in our office before participating in the training. The contract is
valid starting from the date of signing the contract and the first monthly payment is to be
charged right away.
In bulk discount contracts a membership card can be put on the break once during the 8-
month contract, twice during the 14-month contract and six times during the 24-month
contract. We charge 15 EUR for any additional breaks (we do not charge for extra breaks
during the pandemic).
We also do not charge the member for the break (and the member does not lose free
breaks) if a medical certificate is delivered.
It is not possible to put membership on the break when a member is already training on 0-
membership. New breaks cannot overlap with the ongoing break. Breaks have to be carried
out during the original membership.
Breaks do not interrupt monthly payments; they will be compensated at the end of the
membership period!

1 month: 89 EUR/month (standard monthly payment)

Fitness boxing
Ten-visit card: valid for 3 month from the moment of purchase
You can join a one-time test training for 15 EUR. Please inform us about the one-time test
training in advance. The fee of 15 EUR is to be charged right away.
– 128 EUR
– students 90 EUR, student card/certificate required (learn more in student discount


(9-13 years old)
-Junior Thai for the whole spring EUR


Online payment through our website
Edenred card
Edenred Pay
Edenred vouchers
Edenred Virike voucher
Edenred Virike card
Smartum exercise voucher
Smartum Saldo card
Smartum Pay
Smartum Visa
TYKY exercise voucher
TYKY Online
Wellness Wallet card
Bank card
Visa Electron
Bank transfer for a contact

Helsinki Wing Tsun ry
WHelsinki Wing Tsun ry
It is not possible to pay for Wing Tsun or Escrima course by card or online through our
website. Other payment options are also limited. Please read more on course pages.


You can get more information about payment arrangements by email: info(at)

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