Terms and conditions



1. The misuse of fighting and self-defence skills taught on the course will lead to instant dismissal.

2. Combat Academy does not accept persons convicted of violent crimes or persons behaving violently on the courses.

3. The person participating in a course must pay the full course fee even if he or she decides to quit in the middle of the course (for any reason), does not start a new course (without an official cancellation notice) or is dismissed. If the person participating in the course becomes ill during the course, he or she can enrol to the next possible course if the health condition so requires. The following matter must be reported immediately by email: info (at) combat.fi. Such matters cannot be handled by phone.

4. Providing inaccurate information can lead to immediate enrolment termination/person’s dismissal.

5. Combat Academy is not responsible for any injuries or accidents that might occur during training or performances in gyms or camps.

6. The member is familiar with the course content, training schedule and prices. Additional information is available in the section of ”basic courses” and ”fighting styles” of the combat.fi website.

7. The enrolment is binding unless cancelled by email info(at)combat.fi not later than 2 days before the course starts.

8. After finishing training, the member must return the access card within a week (7 days) from the ending date of the membership.

9. The customer is responsible for his or her own health condition so that the training does not cause health risks to other members.

10. Combat Academy is not responsible for the delays or damages caused by the events that cannot be controlled (e.g. strike, industrial action, water damage, fire, pandemic) and the situations that in a reasonable manner cannot be taken into consideration or be avoided.

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