Krav Maga Self-Defence

Tue 11.4. at 19:00-20:30 and
Thu 13.4. at 19:00-20:30


128 € / 90 € (students). This self-defence course is suitable for women also. The enrolment period is two weeks from the start date of the course.

TRAINING SCHEDULE 11.4.-18.5.2023

Tuesday at 19:00 – 20:30 and
Thursday at 19:00 – 20:30

You can also later attend a training session in Sörnäinen if you skip a class.

Technical part: defence against grips and chokes, punches and kicks, bladed weapons and sticks as well as a defence on the ground and against multiple attackers.
Tactical part: self-defence and movement tactics, usage of improvised weapons in defending oneself, informing about criminal actions and usage of the right of self-defence (RL 4:4§).

1.    Payment has to be made before the first training session on the Combat Academy website – Choose the option “Pay using online payment”:
–      Choose basic courses and the place of training (Myyrmäki)
–      Choose the price (normal or student)
–      Press “buy” and fill in personal information
–      You can access contract terms by clicking ‘’Agree with the terms’’ and ‘’Basic course’’.
–      You have to agree with the terms in order to continue
–      Choose the payment method
–      Your information and payment details are saved automatically
–      Register at our gym reception before the training session, present your student certificate if you chose a student discount

2.    Payments can also be made at the gym reception at the beginning of the course. We accept cash, debit cards, common credit cards and acceptable ‘’Liikuntaseli’’ vouchers (exercise vouchers) in our gym office. In this case, you can enrol directly from the link on this page:

–      Choose the option “I will pay at the gym in cash/ by card/ by exercise vouchers on the first training session.’’

Outfit for indoor training, barefoot or budo, wrestling or gym shoes


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