Bergman Joacim

– Black belt in Bjj under Pedro Duarte
– Finnish champion in Bjj and Submission Wrestling
– Scandinavian champion ( Oslo, NORWAY) in Submission Wrestling
– 3rd place in light weight and absolute in Brazilian cup
– I was one of the pioneers in Bjj and submission wrestling in Finland
– Private student under Lucio Linhares and Marcelo Garcia until purple belt
– Founder of 1st Hilti associated Bjj school under Pedro Duarte in Finland
– Member of Hilti Finland commity
– Head coach of two Hilti Bjj schools in Finland ( Hilti Raasepori and Hilti Hanko )
– My students achievement in both juvenile and adult :
1st, 2nd, 3rd place in Finnish, European, World championships in Bjj
1st, 2nd, 3rd places in Finnish championships in Submission Wrestling
– I were the head coach of Hanko Shootfighting school and was the first Finn to compete abroad in Shootfighting
– I were the head coach of Hanko Wing Tsun Kung fu school and was responsible for bringing Wing Tsun Kung fu to Finland
– State juvenile champion in Kick Boxing
– 2nd place in Finnish ne waza championships in Judo